Drowman Empire

Session 14

From the diary of Ailbee Darien

2. Vandrune
Fortune is indeed a cruel mistress… Not only was I rescued from the thugs who kidnapped me, but I was rescued by the expedition of none other than a Drowman Governor. But just a short while later, she was snatched away by some elf-eating birdwomen and I could do nothing but watch!
Why a governor would venture into hostile territory with only a soft minstrel, two shorties, a pudgy bookworm and an even fatter orc to accompany her I do not know. What I do know is that I cannot let such an opportunity slip and we have to rescue Governor Alusín before it’s too late. We continue on to Murkwoode today; hopefully we will learn of her location there.

3. Vandrune
We have been able to make good speed, considering the size of the orc wizard travelling with us. While the villagers were unable to give us much advice, the weird Easterner elf is talking to a farmer who might know more right now.
Apparently the sirens make their home in a keep some two days away. I hope the orc is prepared to exercise her big behind, because we’re going to get there in one! If the approach is difficult, it will simply be that much easier to get at the birdwomen unseen!



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