Drowman Empire

Session 15

4. & 5. Vandrune
A song overheard in a Britannian inn
Written by Akorae and sung to the tune of a popular Wilder folk song

Two strangers came to beleaguered Murk-e-woode,
Set upon by demons from the sky
For respite to Lolth the village prayed
The strangers did reply:

Our mistress, governor Alusín, will not stand
For foul abuse so grave
Well-honed blade and arcane might we do pledge
This village we will save

Thus wise Elrien and Bolga, great and brave
Did defy the spiderwood
With fire, sword and onwards to where
The demon fortress stood

Battle raged for seven days and nights
No quarter was plead
Bolga swathed in flame, Elrien in godly shroud
The demons winged lay dead



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