Drowman Empire

Session 16 & 17

(do anyone even read these?)

6. & 7. Vandrune

Our intrepid heroes, Elrien and Bolga, finally reach the Siren Stronghold. It turns out the captives are on slightly friendlier terms with their captors than the two rescuers assumed. Misunderstandings and hilarity angry shouting and name-calling ensues.

The whole situation eventually resolves itself once the others learn the details of Shin’dra’s plan. Even if it isn’t needed to get them free anymore, the party reluctantly agrees to follow through on it.

Leaving the keep, the party braves the Spider Forest once more and defeats the druid seemingly responsible for the spider infestation. They retrieve a drow relic from his body.
Meeting up with the sirens, they deliver the other captive to her husband and finally head back to the camp.



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