Drowman Empire

Session 18

7. Vandrune
On their way back to Faemoor, the party were accosted by a band of Wilder. As they leapt from the bushes, the ambushers seemed to have the upper hand, managing to wound Bolga severely. They had not, however, taken into account a certain pint-sized death machine. Bolstered by a bit of magic from Aleksa, Felicia ran, tumbled and slided around the battlefield like a little whirlwind of death. Before the one Wilder Shin’dra had sent forward in time reappeared, the halfling had ended the rest of the ambush party.

The party’s troubles were not yet over, however. As the sun began to set, they came upon a flock of owlbears who were not very pleased with this. One of the massive beasts grabbed a hold of Felicia, trying to squeeze the life out of the halfling. Only on the second try was Shin’dra able to disappear the clingy creature, but Felicia was quickly scooped up by another of the beasts. Being small and, as of late, quite malleable, the little swashbuckler was able to wiggle her way out of the owlbear’s grasp. Aided by a pack of bears summoned by Bolga, Felicia and the rest of the party proceeded to slay the rest of the owlbears. When the vanished owlbear returned to the time-stream, the half-orc mage was ready with a massive blast of fire, already licking her lips as the confused creature found itself nicely barbecued.

Tired after a long day and a long fight, the party decided to make camp, a decision not in any way influenced by the fact that there was delicious owlbear meat close at hand.

8.-9. Vandrune
Having stuffed themselves silly the night before, everyone slept well that night. As morning turned to noon they were finally able to rouse themselves from their stupor and eventually got back on the road.
That the rest of the journey was slow should come as now surprise, seeing as that by the time the party returned to Faemoor they had somehow managed to eat all the leftover owlbear meat. As they waddled up to the village, tired but very well fed, they noticed a dwarf arguing with the innkeeper. Utilizing their individual brands of diplomacy, the party was able to resolve the situation and learnt that the dwarves were close to completing their trade post and had started moving in goods.



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