Drowman Empire

Session 20

From the papers of Governor Shin’dra Alusín

24. Vandrune
Surprisingly, Bolga managed to catch up with us eventually. Admittedly we did stop on the way so Ailbee could cook us some food, but was only three… four… well, no more than five times, I’m sure!
The half-orc looks fatter than ever, but even with her lumbering bulk slowing us down we did manage to reach the Water Temple before sundown. Not that it was much of a temple, since we found it completely buried. Bolga proved her worth by summoning an earth creature to dig us a tunnel. Going through it meant leaving the floatdisc behind, but hopefully no horrifyingly long treks await us on the other side!
The door to the temple itself was barred, but nothing a little time travel couldn’t fix. Well inside we were met with another blocked passageway, however. Fortunately, Felicia’s halfling affinity for “acquiring” shiny objects led her to a key, which Bolga was able to retrieve. Who knew that magical hand of hers was useful for things other than stuffing her face!
The temple’s first guardian was a suspicious-looking snake. Aleksa displayed her affinity for dismantling a well as constructing automatons before the little elf decapitated it with one stroke. I don’t like her putting herself on the front lines like this, but I have to admit she’s good at it!
In the next room we were able to dispatch the last guards — mummified Wilder priests — much more easily, thanks to Felicia’s quick thinking. I hope she can put that head of hers to good use fixing Faemoor once we have dealt with these fey!
As I write this, the portal to the Water Kingdom is open before us. I just hope that it won’t be too miserable a place. A warm bed would do nicely right now… or maybe some duskcake…



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