Drowman Empire

Session 21 & 22

24. Vandrune
Our portly intrepid heroes braved the portal to the Water Kingdom, only to find that its ruler had aligned herself with the Winter Court willingly. With the help of a disgruntled servant and the King’s majordomo, the party was able to confront King Cirne with the Winter Court’s treachery and show how an alliance with the Drow would profit her more.

25.-26. Vandrune
The party’s stay at the Water King’s palace was significantly shorter than their gluttonous visit to the Earth King. Once returned to the “capital” they met an Onii knight, informing them that the entrance to the Air Kingdom remained elusive. With the last Summer Court realm out of reach, all our heroes can do is stay in Faemoor and tighten the Drowman Empire’s grip on the province.

[The campaign is now on hiatus. Once the intervening downtime has been decided on, its events will be put up here in the log.]



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