Items for Purchasing


Boots of Elven Kind (2500 gold)- These fine leather boots are comfortable and fit the wearer perfectly. Tan in color, there is nothing unusual about them in appearance, but when worn they give a +5 to the wearers ability to move silently.

Bag of Holding I (2500 gold)- This well crafted rucksack weighs fifteen pounds no matter how much, or how little, is placed inside. Its total capacity is 250 pounds in a total of 30 cubic feet. Any item placed inside takes a move action to withdraw.

Bracers of Armor +1 (1000 gold)- Well made silver bracers with a large image of a shield on the surface of each one. They give +1 to armor when worn.

Hand of the Mage (900 gold)- Carved from amber, this trinket looks like an open palmed hand and is supported by a thin band of gold. When worn around the neck, it allows the owner to use the spell Mage Hand at will. If not worn, it takes a move action to produce the hand before casting the spell.

Amulet of Armor +1 (2000 gold)- Hewn from the antlers of an elk, this amulet is suspended on a thin iron chain and bears the image of a turtle shell on its surface. The wearer receives +1 to armor.

Cloak of Elevenkind (2500 gold)- Despite, or perhaps because of, its neutral gray coloration, this thin but warm cloak gives its wearer a +5 on hide checks when the hood is drawn.

Unguent of Timelessness (150 gold)- Anything that was once alive or any object crafted from once living tissue will experience each year’s passage as if only a single day had gone when coated with this clear, viscous liquid. Each jar has enough substance to coat eight medium or smaller objects; large objects count as two medium objects while huge items count as four medium objects. Objects thus coated also receive +1 to saving throws.

Acrobat’s Boots (900 gold)- These well made black boots have buckles up to the mid-calf, all the better to tightly secure them while in motion. They provide a continuous +2 to Tumble checks and can be 3 times per day to enhance move speed by ten feet for one round. Using more than one charge increases movespeed by five additional feet per charge.

Arcanist’s Gloves (500 gold)- Two times per day these light blue gloves can be used to increase a 1st level spell’s effective caster level by +2.

Reach Gauntlets (500 gold)- These leather gauntlets each have a brass plate affixed to the back of their hands. Attached to the plates are a pair of light blue crystals- these crystals allow the wearer of the glove to expend 1 power point to increase the reach of their weapons by 5 feet. This effect can be used three times per day.

Rearguard’s Cape (2000 gold)- This royal purple cape is standard issue for Legion Centurions and bears the imperial crest of a golden spider flanked by a golden laurel wreath. When visibly outnumbered by the enemy, a Marshal can increase the bonuses of their minor and major auras by +2 for ten rounds. This ability can be used once per day.

Ring of Sustenance (2500 gold)- Carved from petrified wood, this band continually nourishes its wearer and reduces the needed sleep for a good nights rest from eight to two. It must be worn for a full week before its bearer feels its effects.

Pouch of Everlasting Rations (350 gold)- A plain leather pouch with a blue silk drawstring. Contains and creates enough rations for one medium sized creature onces per day.

Amulet of Retributive Healing (2000 gold)- This strand of ceramic beads is painted with soothing earthen tones. Three times per day, it allows your next healing spell cast during this turn to heal you for an equal amount as your target.

Amulet of Teamwork (2000 gold)- This silver chain is held together by a pair of clasped hands. When worn, this amulet increases the bonus of the wearer’s successful aid another actions from +2 to +3 and when flanking the wearer and any allies get a +2 to damage rolls on the flanked target. Further, once per day the amulet can be activated to give the wearer and an adjacent ally +5 to AC for one round.

Healing Belt (750 gold)- A broad leather belt studded with three moonstones, it gives its wearer +2 to all heal checks. Additionally, it has three charges that allow the wearer to channel positive energy and heal, or damage undead, with a touch. These charges renew each day at dawn and heal 2d8 points of damage. Each additional charge spent increases healing by 1d8.

Boots of Stomping (600 gold)- These heavy leather boots are reinforced with iron hobnails and steel toes. They grant the wearer the ability to use the Psionic power Stomp 3 times per day. The save DC is Reflex 13 but increases by 1 for every hundred pounds the user weighs.

Gloves of Lightning (2000 gold)- These leather gloves are dyed a light blue and crackle with static even on the wettest of days. Three times per day the wearer can make a ranged touch attack out to 30 feet that deals 1d8 + 5 electricity damage. If the target is wearing metal armor, made of metal, or wearing lots of metal items the attack gains +3 to hit.


Items for Purchasing

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