Drowman Empire

Session 6 & 7

From the papers of Governor Shin’dra Alusín
[I’m just going to continue with my made-up dates]

24. Celanil
Lolthon is NOTHING like the Capital! The people know nothing of respect and there are unwashed barbarians everywhere! I wish I were DEAD!

25. Celanil
Bought myself a pair of gloves on my own, like a common merchant, today. When I returned to the inn I was about to sink into my dreamstate and wish all of this away, but I was interrupted by a rude male at the door. Accompanying him was Inquisitor Gaussisstra Myn’dar. She seems like a resonable and principled female — I think she and I will very much see eye to eye when we return to Faemoor together! I knew it! I’m not alone in seeing this island’s wretchedness. Oh, we will accomplish great things!

It begins tomorrow. One of the priestesses I have considered for attending to the Shrine in Faemoor has lost her apprentice to a bunch of savage cultists. To think the barbarians are this audacious! No matter. Tomorrow we will chase them down and restore a measure of order and respectability to this place!

26. Celanil
My servants and the little elf accompanied me with little fuss. I must admit I am relieved: Perhaps there is hope for them yet! Encountering two ogres we were delayed by a brief disagreement between Bolga and the halfling on how to deal with them. Felicia’s cunning did save us from dealing with both brutes at the same time. She might be a glutton, but she is a clever glutton.
Further on we defeated a fae intent on gobbling up our emotions and a blood-drinking river-fae I believe is called a ‘glaistig’. Say what you will about Wilder names, but they stick in your mind.
Those fae, it turned out, were protecting a Wild Elf temple — right under the streets of Lolthon! Some of the cultists quickly realized the error of their ways and surrendered. They will have a chance to make up for their transgressions picking apples and digging ditches in Faemoor!
We also found the lost acolyte in good shape. Very good shape, in fact. She warned us of a summoning ritual we then proceeded to stop and thus ending this cult’s activities. If all the Wilder’s so-called gods are as weak as this “Alonius”, acceptance of the Seldarine should come quickly!
After releasing the acolyte, she gave us a rather fetching cloak. She claimed it held potent magic and said something about side-effects. This apprently made Elrien uncertain, but then everything makes the little elf uncertain. Just as well she doesn’t want it; it isn’t as if I can refuse that adorable thing anything!

Session 5

From the papers of Governor Shin’dra Alusín

12. Celanil
Today we set out for Lolthon and civilization. My servants might be a crude lot, but I for one cannot get there soon enough. I am certain the little elf will appreciate finer Drow culture and proper stone walls as well.
Unsurprisingly we were not far from camp before we were set upon by an angry owlbear. After we dispatch it, Horace did whip up som decent owlbear steak, but I feel myself long for some proper drow-made food already. Fortunately we still have some confectioneries and wine to soothe my aching back. The halfling will certainly devour it all in short order — her appetite is impressive for someone of her stature. Likewise, her appreciation of Drow food is both surprising and commendable. Perhaps there is a germ of refinement underneath her tubby exterior. If nothing else, at least we will be able to stock up on more nae’zabrel and que’balael in Lolthon.

17. Celanil
The road is long, my back is killing me and my thighs are raw from the riding. The weather is worsening and I imagine we can soon add ice cold rain to our list of torments.

18. Celanil
As I predicted, it started snowing. Luckily we happened upon a solitary mansion. Both the master of the house and his servant are an odd sort — even for Wild Elves. Still, I have got a semblance of warmth back in my body, though a bowl of shimmercap stew would have hit the spot right about now.
As I write this, the halfling is watching my door. I don’t know if I can trust her to keep her eyes open, but I have to admit it is a better bet than the scatterbrained little elf or the crude orc. If nothing else, she is still fairly small and easily overlooked.
Earlier this evening, the Baron — our host — did mention having some trouble with Drow poachers on his land. I will have to look into this: It would do well to have him on my side, even if his mansion is strictly speaking outside my jurisdiction. In fact it is all the more reason to have a vassal in the region!

19. Celanil
Today the weather had no intention of letting up and we found ourselves still stuck at Baron Greenbarrow’s mansion. Considering the Baron’s advances towards her, it should not be surprised that Bolga is hard to convince to leave. He is even plying her with fresh eggs now! All the more reason to leave soon or she’ll only leave through a hole in the wall!

After dinner, the Baron relented in his ban on entering his private quarters, inviting the orc with him. I shudder to think what will happen behind closed doors, but there’s no accounting for the tastes of Wild Elves.

Unsurprisingly, the orc’s clumsiness and the halfling’s curiosity served to anger our host, who did indeed turn out to be affected by lycanthropy of some kind. We managed to deal with him without killing him. Perhaps dealing with such a creature could be difficult if he does not find a cure for himself, but it’s far too tempting to give up on. Hopefully he will be grateful for my mercy. And if he later turns out to remain a nuisance I could always have him killed, I suppose. Leaving such a savage creature to run free might be risky, but having him in my debt has to be worth it!

We continue now to Lolthon and may the Gods grant that we can procure a more comfortable mode of conveyance before our return trip!

Session 4

From Felicia Fennelwood’s journal:

The good news is I have a new rapier, and an enchanted one, at that. The bad news is, well…

I’d already been feeling a little, let’s say, soft from the time I’ve spent in camp. It’s those drow-sized portions—I shouldn’t have cleaned my plate every time, but it was all so damn delicious! I was looking forward to getting a bit of healthy exercise and working off a few heavy meals when we set out this morning in search of the shrine. Things went well at first; we dispatched a pack of wolves with ease, then took on an ogre with… less ease, but at least I survived, though I’m lucky I didn’t crack my skull when the big oaf smacked me with his club. (Twice!) Despite a few pesky injuries, we were in good health as we reached the shrine and easily dealt with the guards. My swords flashed like steel-coated lighting. Bolga reached through the fabric of spacetime and pulled out great frenzied fistfuls of badgers. We triggered a trap as we tried to enter the portal, but even the animated statues barely slowed us down.

We camped overnight and headed through the mysterious mirror the next morning, arriving in a gleaming white place absolutely reeking of mysticism. A water elemental barred the way; fortunately, Elrien was able to speak to it and find out it sought a sacrifice of milk, honey, and blood. The dead elves outside had all three in spades, though I had to squeeze a bit to get what was left of the blood out. The elemental let us pass, and we entered the chamber of the fae queen.

She seemed pleasant at first, offering us a bounteous spread of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, Robierre warned us too late not to eat the food.

Alas, it seems angering a spirit of plenty is bad for one’s figure, as we soon found ourselves compelled to a neverending feast. I could barely bring myself to stop eating for more than a few seconds at a time. If it wasn’t for Shin’dra and her righteous ire, I’m sure I would be there still, if I hadn’t simply burst! Luckily the fae had little interest in anything but charming us into making pigs of ourselves, so we survived the long struggle unhurt, finally felling the insidious queen.

Unhurt—but not unscathed, for the enchanted food was far more rich and fattening than any one normal meal could possibly be. Shin’dra and Elrien got off lightly, barely packing on a handful of pounds between them, but me! I scarcely have a set of clothes left that I can squeeze into. But at least I’m not as badly off as Bolga; the poor woman practically ate herself out of her robes, and she wasn’t exactly a reed beforehand.

Oh, well. On the bright side, we managed to recover more gems and a fine enchanted set of armor. One can buy a lot of new clothes with treasure like that.

Session 3

From Felicia Fennelwood’s journal:

Progress on the grand governor’s mansion has been slow lately, and the grand governor has certainly been letting us know about it with every moan and complaint about the climate and the noises of camp. I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind somewhere a little more solid as well—I do like the feel of good hard wood underneath my feet. The latest hold-up was a shortage of workers; it seems they’re upset about robberies at the local graveyard. So, once again, it was up to us to investigate.

A necromancer was squatting in the small mausoleum, reanimated corpses in tow. It was rather an unpleasant fight for me; I couldn’t seem to hit a vital spot on the rotten things. A bit like trying to stab your bedroll to death. Fortunately, the others did a fine job of smashing them into jelly, and we moved on to the main shrine.

We found the secret door easily enough. Opening it was another story. Bolga, who may well be one of the burliest wizards I’ve ever seen, failed to break it down, nor did yanking on the suspicious-looking sconce yield any fruitful result. Finally, by passing a golden statuette over the whimsically porcine-themed altar, we managed to open a passage into a dark tunnel which proved to be crawling with more undead.

They were, for the most part, easily dispatched. I found that using the edge of my shortsword worked wonders, and Elrien even wrangled a few of the skeletons onto our side. Rather funny, seeing them wheel around on their bony ankles and lay into their former cohorts.

We emerged from the tunnel to find ourselves face to face with an ogre. If there was any doubt of the worth of a good cleric, it died along with the bellowing brute, as one of the skeletons felled it with a powerful blow before it could even lift its club. A lucky strike? Perhaps—and Shin’dra and I had weakened it a bit—but still impressive. What’s better, the ogre proved to be carrying a genuine handy haversack tied to its belt! I can bid a joyous, and not-at-all-fond, farewell to struggling along under the weight of my excess equipment. Perhaps it’s time to look into stocking up on a few more tricks…

At the end of the trail, three necromancers and another pair of corpses were gathered around a stone altar, conducting what I assume was some sort of unspeakable ritual or sacrifice or perhaps simply an afternoon tea of the damned. The battle itself is a bit of a blur…I seem to remember the leader growing to enormous size and filling my head with some sort of hideous visions. The others say I ran off into the woods screaming, but surely that’s an exaggeration. More likely, I was simply a little disoriented.

By the time I returned, the others had nearly finished off the foes, and I was just in time to be introduced to Robierre, an enchanted skull (rather, as it turned out, a fire spirit) held prisoner in the necromancer’s sack. Apparently, a millenium or so ago he was an advisor to a local faerie court. He’s our best lead yet in the case of the missing castle, and all he wanted in return was the promise we wouldn’t leave him lying in the woods. I’m not surprised. I doubt any fire spirit would enjoy sitting out in this weather!

Session 2

From the papers of Governor Shin’dra Alusín

It would seem the Druid was looking for a portal leading to the rumored castle nearby. Assuming Elrien Kore’s tale is true, even if the place is gone from this world, a Fey castle would be something to behold.

Our search brought us into Wood Elf territory and into a cave. Inside, the place turns out to be littered with ghouls of dead elves, presumably associated with those guarding the entrance. Elrien — as always capable of more than it would seem — used her powers to command one of the ghouls, sending it ahead to deal with its kin. What a clever way to fight without getting one’s hand dirty!
Further in, we met two strange rock creatures. Using magic, Bolga managed to speak with them and find out that they were looking for a “Stonehenge”. Elrien pointed them in the right direction, netting us a big emerald.
After facing a big alligator annoyingly close to a gate we wanted to go through, we decided to make camp. With a touch of purpleshimmer mushrooms, the meat turned out to be passably edible. The little elf did not seem to agree, but I convinced her to try it. Judging by her appetite, I would say she changed her mind. Not only did she enjoy it, but it seems she slept more soundly as well. How fortunate for her that the poor thing finally got to taste proper Drowman mushroom stew.
Beyond the gate, a room filled with enchanted candles met us. Some sort of metal guardian stood in our way and when a curious Elrien touched it, it came to life. Dispatching it, we made our way through what turned out to be a Dwarven crypt. According to Felicia Fennelwood, the altar inside was dedicated to Thor, apparently a deity of thunder. She never did elaborate on the lewd song the dwarves like to sing about him.
Finding our path blocked by some kind of magic trap, the servants began to bumble about trying to get across (like other commoners, they of course lack the ability to levitate…). In attempt to jump the enchanted floor tiles, Felicia of course set off the trap. She needs to lay off the mushroom stew, I think.
Once more, Elrien’s necromantic powers saved us from the unleashed undead, allowing us to continue and defeat a golem protecting the dwarf king’s great hoard. Judging by the poor state of things in this province, the money will certainly come in handy. I must remember to have the commander send out a party to recover the gold statues. They will make an excellent addition to my governor’s mansion.
No sign of any portal, Fey or castle, however. Hopefully Elrien’s further research can help us find it. Preferably soon; I’m getting bored with all this faffing about.

Session 1

A hopelessly dry recounting of events, for informational purposes only:

The new governor of Britannia, Shin’dra Alusin, arrived in town, Felicia Fennelwood and Bolga Aldwulf accompanying her. They met with the captain of the local guard and were escorted to the Empire’s camp in the area, where they were informed of a wood elf bandit who had stolen a shipment of bullion that had been meant to pay the soldiers. Taking a cleric of Boccob, Elrien, along, the party set out in search of the bandits’ hideout. They were ambushed by three elven rebels, which were easily dispatched, and clues on the bodies let them to a cave. After killing the guards outside, the party discovered a drow hostage, the chef Scipio Crustulem (who was nearly shot by the over-enthusiastic halfling as the party burst in), and freed him. Capturing the sleeping night guards in the next room, the party proceeded to find the rebel’s leader and his right-hand man, besting both of them and taking the leader alive. They recovered the bullion, a number of crates of supplies and pastries, and some difficult-to-understand maps which may hint at a lost castle ruin in the area. A signal fire was lit, and soldiers soon arrived to escort the party, the loot, and the prisoners back to camp.

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