Letter to Baron Greenbarrow

To the esteemed Baron Greenbarrow

I so hope this letter finds you in better circumstances than our last meeting. I hope you will find it on you to excuse the crass behaviour of my servants. Likewise consider any unpleasantness experienced on my part to be entirely forgotten. It is my firm belief that I might be able to offer a cure for your malady — as you know I am accompanied by a cleric of Boccob who has certain experience with magical enchantments.

It is my wish that we may be of benefit to each other, if you will excuse my presumptiousness — there are no secrets between us after all. For one I intend to make use of the bountiful orchards of Faemoor and for that endeavour I would my overseers would love a recommendation on brewers to make it into your local cider. Also, I have spoken to the Governor of Lolthon and I am certain we can come to an arrangement about your hunting rights.

The Drow Empire can be a great boon to your island, as I am certain you have come to realize, and I would be grateful if you could talk to your fellow Britannian nobles. Perhaps a meeting can be arranged — I am certain there are misunderstandings to be straightened out and deals to benefit all parties.

I look forward to working together to create a greater Britannia and await your reply. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to meet you in person, but I am sure Bolga can be persuaded to act as liasion for a short while if you so desire.

By the Grace of Lolth,
Shin’dra Alusín,
Governor of Faemoor

Letter to Baron Greenbarrow

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