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(If the DM or anyone else wants to change this formatting, feel free. I just thought it would be nice to have an overview of the pages on here)

Rules stuff

Flanking (a diagram illustrating when you get flanking or not)
Weight Gain Rules (how gaining affects YOU! Note: These are meant to be guidelines, not absolute rules)
Weight Category Table (a rough guide to when each character increases in “weight category” according to the above rules. Quite speculative. It’s in pounds, because D&D makes me do that kind of thing)
Magic Items for Fatties (a list of Magic Items helpful to hefty heroes)

Fluff stuff

The Elven Pantheon

Mansion Floor Plan (a sketch of the Governor’s Mansion)
Party Loot (the stuff we’ve found so far)
Letter to Baron Greenbarrow
Potential Followers (a list of possible Followers for Shin’dra now that she’s a ‘Herder)
Servants and Believer Overview (a rough overview of our servants and Shin’dra’s believers


Lolthton, Provincial Capital of Britannia

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