Potential Followers


Akorae (formerly of House Urrana)
Drow Bard

Plump and vivacious, Akorae isn’t your typical Drow. She venerates Melira Taralen, the goddess of Music (uncommon for a Drow), Rillifane Rallathil and Eilistraee and is content to bum around and live the good life. She’s part wandering minstrel, part carefree tourist.
Role: Accompany the party in order to see the wonders of Britannia. Entertain the party while they’re at home. Spread tales of Shin’dra’s greatness, benevolence and general awesomeness. Help drink all the cider.

Drow Marshal 2

With her imposing build, it’s no surprise that Izzabba was a overseer who commanded respect on the rothé ranch. More curious is perhaps how she took to managing the household of her employer’s noble superior. Having been tasked with just whipping the staff into shape, Izzabba quickly learned the ways of the aristocracy and came to appreciate her noble mistresses as much as they appreciated her talents and tactfulness. However, even if her stubbornness had been draped in velvet to fit in, when Izzabba’s mistress decided to return to the capital – having garnered enough money and prestige to finally leave the rough outer provinces – Izzabba chose to remain. Ranching holds no allure for her anymore, even if she doesn’t want to leave this land of pastures. A subtle call to serve nobility again is exactly what she needs…
Role: Run the mansion and keep track of industries and public works. Make sure everything runs without a hitch. Tell it straight to Shin’dra – and know better than to do so in public.

Drow Commoner

Quiet and unassuming around his superiors, Qua’laxle is a model drow male. Though it is mostly an act to avoid trouble, he has been bred to servitude since he was a boy. Knowing nothing else, Qua’laxle has always been fairly eager to please. With the recent psychic bond that has fallen upon him he has become so much more so…
Role: Attend to the “little elf’s” every need, even if she’s too shy to ask.

Ailbee Darien
Wild Elf Ranger

Ever since she learned of the drow invaders, Ailbee was fascinated with these strange-looking foreigners. The village elders forbade any contact, of course, but one day while tracking a stag, Ailbee happened upon a drow patrol. Curious, but with the elders’ warnings ringing in her ear, she dared not approach the drow. Instead she followed them, watching from the bushes as they used their dazzling magics and perfected their disciplined drills. When Ailbee was finally discovered, the drow, rather than eat her as the elders had warned her invited her to join them. Afterwards she realized she could never return now that she had associated with the enemy – however briefly. Instead she began to wander, eventually ending up in Lolthon. Seeing the city, Ailbee had her obsession with the invaders vindicated: Nowhere else in Britannia existed such a magnificent sight! Immediately she knew she had to work with these wonderful outsiders. She might be a traitor to some of her own people, but they would surely see the error of their ways.
Role: Track things and scout. Skin and prepare anything edible the party might kill. Help convince the locals that the Empire is good for them. Praise everything Shin’dra does.

Veldrin Waeress
Changeling Beguiler

For all intents and purposes, Veldrin (that isn’t her real name) is a drow female of the lesser gentry, but very refined and respectable nevertheless. In fact, she is a wandering shapeshifter who delights in observing different people of different races. Forceful personalities appeal to her the most, so she has been in service or otherwise close to quite a few noblewomen over the years. Each time, she has moved on before her secret was discovered. This time, however, someone else has sought her out. To Veldrin, Shin’dra is just another mistress, but in reality the psychic link between them has already betrayed her secret. It matters little: Veldrin has years of experience as a servant – and she’s intelligent. Worse secrets have been kept for less…
Role: Lady-in-waiting/handmaiden. Help the governor dress. Ready her bath. Wash her hair. Keep her smelling like roses.

Hanalia Cassia Cata
Human Rogue
Descended from the first few humans who settled on the shores of Britannia, Hanalia’s tribe was quick to submit to Drow rule, changing their clan names to sound more continental. As nearby Lolthton grew, Hanalia predicted the need for an establishment that catered to well-to-do and set out to create one. Her decision proved fortuitous and soon she was up to her ears in juicy gossip that she quickly turned into contacts. Rumour has it that she is able to procure anything for a price, but still finds herself in a position to enjoy a respectable reputation in Lolthon. Hanalia’s services have not yet earned her the political influence she craves, but she is well-liked among both merchants and aristocrats.
Role: Get stuff in Lolthton for the team. Act in Shin’dra’s stead in Lolthton if needed. Keep an eye out for opportunity in behalf of her mistress.

Torgi Bradwin
Orc Marshal or Fighter
Torgi has always looked to join the winning side and when she was growing up, that was the Drowman Empire. While others of her kind were enslaved, killed in futile rebellions and at best treated as second-rate citizens, Torgi did what she could to please her new Drow masters. She was used to liaise with orcs that were less amenable and eventually found her way overseeing those of her wayward brothers and sisters that were reduced to indentured servitude for their transgressions.
Torgi sees nothing wrong with this line of work, nor does she feel she has betrayed her people by serving the drow against her own kind, reasoning that those who act rashly and stupidly deserve what’s coming to them.
Role: Keep the slaves/indentured servants in line. Make sure the captives pulling Shin’dra’s floatdisk do not get up to no good when nobody’s watching.


Aenyr Qorelil
Drow Aristocrat

As the fourth daughter of of a lesser drow matron, Aenyr was never expected to amount to much. As a consequence, she lived a very sheltered life where all she did was try make-up, fix her hair and idle away her days on nothing. In the end she got fed up with her boring life and ran away from home. It quickly turned out that life in the wilds of Britannia was no place for a chubby little girl with no knowledge of the worlds outside the mansions of the nobility. Not that she could return to her parents, but perhaps someone could take care of her – and maybe even find a use for her.
Role: Lady-in-waiting/handmaiden. Keep Shin’dra’s clothes ready. Help the governor dress. Do Shin’dra’s hair and prepare her bath.

Melia Hanreden
Halfling Cleric

Always looking to cheer up and take care of others, Melia is aggressively nice. Once a slave in Drow service, she lost track of her mistress during a Wood Elf/Orc/Other raid. Since then she found the company of some Tallfellow Halflings and the faith of Yondalla. Her excessive doting soon became too much for her fellow halflings, especially after she took up the cause of the Nurturing Matriarch, and she found herself cast out. Melia took this with a smile and set out to spread the bounty of Yondalla. She is not a nomad at heart like her cousins, however, and in her heart wishes to settle somewhere she can care for others.
Role: Accompany the party and make sure they don’t overexert themselves. Always make sure her betters have everything they need. No pillow is too soft and no belly too full. Good Melia always helps.

Drow Fighter
“Cali” has been a legionary for years and she has been quite good at it. So good, in fact, that she has risen rapidly in the ranks. The thrill of battle has begun to lose its allure, however and now she only fights because it’s the only thing she’s good at. Being stationed in Britannia was just the last straw. She has served long enough to be allowed discharge without the need to desert and she has a feeling she has somewhere to go to…
Role: Keep an eye on the mansion. Make sure order is kept. Eat all the pies.

Tothep Sanos
Lizardfolk Archivist
Tothep is far from the halls of the Great Library in Kinga, but then he is no ordinary librarian. Dedicated to Ugallu-Toth, he travels the breadth of the known world in search of the truth behind vague legends and tall tales. Burly for an archivist, Tothep carries a huge mace at his side and is obviously not a stranger to using it. His greatest passions are all intellectual pursuits, however.
Role: Entertain Shin’dra with obscure legends. Assist Elrien in learning more about Britannia. Drop any information the DM needs dropped.

Potential Followers

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