Drowman Empire

Session 11, 12 and 13

From the papers of Governor Shin’dra Alusín

27. Angarradh
The Ei’Onii King’s hospitality has indeed been generous. I thought I had seen Bolga eat, but once you get a bottle of wine or two in her her appetite surpasses belief. I think even the little elf enjoyed the food. Everyone’s robes and trousers are surely a little tighter than when we came here. I can’t even imagine how much the half-orc must have put on: when we left she was too stuffed to get to her feet! Fortunately Aleksa was able to hoist the glutton onto her walking chest. I think I shall have to look into some telekinetic techniques in case this happens again — or perhaps Aleksa can make a modified walking chest so that Bolga can fight lying down?

28. Angarradh
Back in camp, we met a quite fat drow minstrel. Named Akorae, she demonstrated impressive skill on the fine harp we gave her and she really knows how to paint a flattering picture in words and song! Also waiting for us was a servant announcing his intention to serve the little elf’s every need. I have been thinking about something like that: she’s just too cute and cuddly — I can’t have her exert herself!

29.-30. Angarradh
We left for the King of Fire’s court with our plump musician and Elrien’s new companion in tow. It promises to be more days of trudging through the woods. I talked to Aleksa and she promised to do some sketches of a more fitting mode of conveyance. I also mentioned Bolga’s intermittent mobility issues, so perhaps she’ll look into that as well.

We found the gate into the Fire King’s home overrun by Wild Elves, but managed to kill them. We will make our way through tomorrow. Afterwards, Elrien complained of her armour being a bit snug. Perhaps I have been feeding her a little too much? In any event, it sounded like Aleksa would look into fixing her armour.

1. Vandrune
Through the portal we were met by a battlefield. Joining in, we quickly dispatched the invading Winter Courters and were told to go see the King.

We managed to get an audience with the King of Fire and managed to convince her that we had indeed saved the Ei’Onii king. With these news, the fey were able to bring in reinforcements that will surely turn the tide of battle.

The King asked us to close the portal we had come through and seeing as it was on the way, we agreed. Unsurprisingly, Wild Elves lay in wait for us. Those pesky vermin show up everywhere! Even if some Elder Druid showed up with a small army, we managed to kill them all. I was touched by some strange blue light, however. I don’t feel any different, but perhaps I should have the little elf check to see if there isn’t now some malign curse upon me?

Closing the portal proved challenging at first: Even the little elf’s mighty blade could not crack it, but then we remembered that there is a force greater than any we can muster: the weight of Bolga’s big butt. I am quite pleased that I managed to lift her bulk onto the altar, though it took nearly all my mental reserves! In any event, Bolga’s rear solved our predicament. I’m sure she’ll appreciate a feast when we get home as a reward!



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