Drowman Empire

Session 5

From the papers of Governor Shin’dra Alusín

12. Celanil
Today we set out for Lolthon and civilization. My servants might be a crude lot, but I for one cannot get there soon enough. I am certain the little elf will appreciate finer Drow culture and proper stone walls as well.
Unsurprisingly we were not far from camp before we were set upon by an angry owlbear. After we dispatch it, Horace did whip up som decent owlbear steak, but I feel myself long for some proper drow-made food already. Fortunately we still have some confectioneries and wine to soothe my aching back. The halfling will certainly devour it all in short order — her appetite is impressive for someone of her stature. Likewise, her appreciation of Drow food is both surprising and commendable. Perhaps there is a germ of refinement underneath her tubby exterior. If nothing else, at least we will be able to stock up on more nae’zabrel and que’balael in Lolthon.

17. Celanil
The road is long, my back is killing me and my thighs are raw from the riding. The weather is worsening and I imagine we can soon add ice cold rain to our list of torments.

18. Celanil
As I predicted, it started snowing. Luckily we happened upon a solitary mansion. Both the master of the house and his servant are an odd sort — even for Wild Elves. Still, I have got a semblance of warmth back in my body, though a bowl of shimmercap stew would have hit the spot right about now.
As I write this, the halfling is watching my door. I don’t know if I can trust her to keep her eyes open, but I have to admit it is a better bet than the scatterbrained little elf or the crude orc. If nothing else, she is still fairly small and easily overlooked.
Earlier this evening, the Baron — our host — did mention having some trouble with Drow poachers on his land. I will have to look into this: It would do well to have him on my side, even if his mansion is strictly speaking outside my jurisdiction. In fact it is all the more reason to have a vassal in the region!

19. Celanil
Today the weather had no intention of letting up and we found ourselves still stuck at Baron Greenbarrow’s mansion. Considering the Baron’s advances towards her, it should not be surprised that Bolga is hard to convince to leave. He is even plying her with fresh eggs now! All the more reason to leave soon or she’ll only leave through a hole in the wall!

After dinner, the Baron relented in his ban on entering his private quarters, inviting the orc with him. I shudder to think what will happen behind closed doors, but there’s no accounting for the tastes of Wild Elves.

Unsurprisingly, the orc’s clumsiness and the halfling’s curiosity served to anger our host, who did indeed turn out to be affected by lycanthropy of some kind. We managed to deal with him without killing him. Perhaps dealing with such a creature could be difficult if he does not find a cure for himself, but it’s far too tempting to give up on. Hopefully he will be grateful for my mercy. And if he later turns out to remain a nuisance I could always have him killed, I suppose. Leaving such a savage creature to run free might be risky, but having him in my debt has to be worth it!

We continue now to Lolthon and may the Gods grant that we can procure a more comfortable mode of conveyance before our return trip!



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